Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekly Menu

So, I forgot to take the turkey out last week.  Oops!  That's ok though because we actually had enough stuff in the freezer/fridge that I was able to just change some stuff out and not have to do any major shopping.  The turkey will get used next week!!

This coming week we are heading to my parents for a few days but otherwise it is a pretty typical week!

Friday - At my parents

Saturday - Dinner with family that are in town for the weekend.

Sunday - Enjoying my mom's cooking (i.e. going out to eat HA!  . . .unless she actually cooks!)

Monday - Turkey and the fixin's.  I took the turkey out on Friday and left it in the fridge all weekend to unthaw while we were gone so it is ready to cook!

Tuesday - Turkey and Dumplings

Wednesday - Darryl will be at practice so I tend to do something simple - the boys and I will probably have frozen pizza since we love it and it isn't something Darryl can eat right now.

Thursday - Turnkey Noodle soup!

That actually looks like an easy cooking week to me!