Saturday, March 30, 2013

Goals for April

Check out the progress in March HERE

Here are April's Goals:

1. Get an estimate on doing the kitchen Floors so I can save for it - we know what we want to do, just need to price it out- I have the estimate; now to save to get it done this summer
2. Get an estimate on doing the kitchen counters so I can save for it. - again, I know what we want to do, I just need to double check the price. Again, I have the estimate, hoping to also do this during the summer too
3. Purchase the first 3 gallons of paint for the house so we can start painting - we already know the color, etc., just need to purchase and start painting.I will be picking this up in May - April was very cold so there was no painting happening anyway :-)

1. Continue the Diaper boy challenge - no comment. Success !!!  Josh is almost 100% trained and Nate is about 50 %
2. Complete Lessons with the boys - the goal in April is to do D, E, F, and G.We completed lessons D, E and F :-)
3. We want to start taking walks! Hopefully the weather cooperates We actually got a few walks in amazingly enough!
4. Make one thing related to the birthday board I have a Too Cute idea to make but just haven't had the chance to make it yet .
5. Chore Chart I let this slide this month - we jumped into the potty training thing and I only want to "push" one thing at a time.
6. Begin taking the boys to the Library on Wednesdays- the plan is to go every other Wednesday, when Darryl has practice. We started this on the last Wednesday of April :-)
7. So confession is good for the soul, right?  I said I set up Nate's savings account last month - we'll  I MEANT to, but our scheduled changed so the day I planned to do it,well, we were busy.  So I want to do that this month and also make a small contribution to each of the boys accounts.Confession is still good for the soul - this isn't done yet.

1. Scrapbooking - My goals this month are to: A) Finish 2012 - I'm trying to do a two page spread every single day.  All that I have left is December so this is doable!   B) Put memorabilia in 2008 album - the albums have been done for well over a year but I have a whole envelope full of stuff that I need to add or throw out. C)Stick all pages in the 2009 Album- thanks to a sale I was able to order the last pages digitally for 2009.  D) Stick the pages in the boys baby books and finish them up -  it will take me a total of like an hour to do this project E) Do Josh's monthly pages for his second year.  Yes, lots of projects but other than the 2012 project - the rest are only 1-2 hour projects total.Got a few things done but need to do more!
2.Work on my step level - I've slacked off on this but want to pick it back up now that (hopefully) we can walk outside more. 
3. Read a book on my topic study
4. Learn to play 1 piano song
5.  Maybe this will be the month I go on a snack strike :-)
6. Get a radio for the kitchen - I have an idea how I can do this for free! I remembered our little Short Wave Radio that Darryl has had for YEARS . So I put in new batteries and it is now sitting in the kitchen.  I will say, that I just saw an under the cabinet Radio, CD player for only $34.00 - I'd love that so I can practice Soundtracks for church while in the kitchen so I might still upgrade :-)
7.  Last month I did my feet; this month, I'm working on my hands (and trying to keep up with my feet!) Both are done - it's kinda nice to have them painted again :-)

1. Dental Insurance
2. Begin "A Word da Day"
3. Have a movie night with the hubs
4. Plan May's budget before May 1st
5. Pay $25.00 towards the balance on our truck
6. Subscribe to the sentinel
7. Get our Will done - we found out about an organization through a college where we can get this done. 

1. Reserve the hotel for our family vacation in June
2. Go through camping stuff and make a list of what we need

Crafts/decor Photography
1. read "How to Photograph your baby and do it
2. Make a list of 100 things about me
3. Make Nate's John Deere Blanket
4. Do Pinterest and Too Cute Projects
5. Find racks to hold current Scrapbooks in the living room (a pinterest idea, actually)

1. Finish the basement
2. Organize manuals into three ring binders
3.Organize our tax documents into a file box
4. Organize DVD's - need to order system from Amazon
5. Get racks to hang under the cabinets in the kitchen to store recipe binders

1. Plan one family fun activity to do in May