Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June Goals

I'm afraid to even write this.  Why?  Because in May I had amazing goals planned.  Then our well went down . . . .then our power went out . . .then Darryl had Dental surgery . . .then Darryl's back went out.  And guess what?  May was done.  Geesh.  May can stay gone.
Just like I planned our summer plans (which we know will not all happen!), I have some goals for the summer.  Summer is when I try to check of lots of things from my "list" since we don't have school taking up most of our day.  We are really laid back in the summer, quite honestly, so if I don't write some things down on paper that I want to get done, all I'll get done is a bunch of reading and swimming (which isn't really bad, is it?)

Since June is the 6th month I decided to focus on 6 main things I want to get done this month.

1. Deep clean the Bathroom and Kitchen
2. Find ways to supplement our income - sign up for Shipt, look into online teaching and a few other work at home options that I've researched.
3. Two trips a day (Basement) - let me explain.  I have to head to the basement twice a day to empty the dehumidifier so each time I go to the dreaded abyss, my goal is to bring something up that needs to go out to the trash or to charity.  Since I'm walking up the stairs, it makes sense to carry something up!  Sometimes this will mean actually taking 15 minutes to empty a shelf or organize something and that's ok because that means my basement will be all clean by the end of the summer.
4. Scrapbook - Complete 10 - 2 page scrapbook spreads and go through 4 scrapbooks to make sure they are complete and updated.  (Making notes of anything that is needed)
5. Read 8 books this month - they can be anything - fiction or non-fiction - I just need to read because I love reading :-)
6. Schooling related items - Return the boys hardcover books that need to be sent back in a timely matter; complete 4 lessons for the class I'm teaching in the fall.
Bonus item (because a bonus is always good!) - Clean and organize the garage.  The boys are going to help with this one since a lot of what is in the garage belongs to them!!

I'm hopeful that this ideas will help me plan our days a little better (as I'm sitting in my chair doing "computer work" right now!) and accomplish a few things.