Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too Cute Not Too Toot!!

I have to admit that this first idea started from one blog, when to another, and then to a second post!  So, I started over at Oopsey Daisy where she was talking about making your own distressed canvas art.  She provided a link to Delia Creates, where she found the original tutorial.  In reading that idea, she linked to another post called Trucking which I fell in love with because it would be the perfect piece of art for my sons room that I am trying to finish.  The best part is, when I was going to just link to Oospey Daisy I was going to say this is probably something I would never do but I thought it was too creative not to share . . . .still not sure if I will do this exactly but you will see something soon on how I use this that big boy bedroom!!

This dip from Mom on Timeout sounds delish.  We love roasted red peppers and I'm always looking for something different when it comes to dips.  I'm thinking I might need to try this soon!!

I realize that I just finished with a birthday party but I know that in the next year or two, the theme for my sons party is going to be Halloween so when I saw this idea for a Candy Corn Cake, I wanted to save it for the future!  Check it out over at Bird on a Cake.  I also love her cake plate - adding the ribbon is so festive!
Like many parents, I am always on the look out for craft ideas I can use now or in the future.  Pink Umbrella Photography shares several craft ideas including this adorable bean Mosaic.
I don't know about you but my house needs numbers.  Since we moved in, we have kinda been looking for the perfect "something" to put on the house that would show the house numbers.  I came across this idea over at Life on Maple and think it is awesome.  I already know I wouldn't use license plates, since I don't have extra, and I wouldn't use piping since I can't weld BUT I bed you could use plumbing pipe and fittings to do the same thing!  We'll see :-)
I mentioned in a post last week about my desk area so right now I'm on the look out for organizing ideas.  This idea comes from The complete guide to imperfect homemaking and is a great idea for a simple file box.  This specific post is part of her 31 Days to an Organized Home series - I was skimming through some of the other posts and she has some really great ideas!
Countdowns to anything are fun and And I thought I loved you then . . . shares a cut "countdown to candy" along with a few other decor ideas too!

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