Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinterest Challenge - Week # 3

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As you more then realize from reading posts from this past week, my oldest son turned three.  I actually used a lot of ideas that I found on Pinterest to put his birthday together as you can read in this Post.  Since I technically already posted those ideas even though I didn't list any specific links back to Pinterest, I wanted to chose something else for this weekly post.  It is still a Birthday Idea but I haven't shared it as of yet.

So, I came across this next idea out on Pinterest and it links back to The Jobling Family.  Based on a few posts I looked at before and after this post, it looks like she took the challenge to take pictures weekly (some do it daily) and this idea was just too adorable to pass up.  Check out her original idea:
I really love this idea; I love it so much that I do something similar each month for my kids but without the pictures.  Each month (and yes, I miss months) I try to write down all of the things they are doing and saying that are new and unique.  I then add this to the scrapbook as I start each months photos.  The idea of taking a picture on their birthday and adding those very specific things they are into right now, though, is fantastic.  What a perfect intro page to the pages in the scrapbook that relate to their birthday.  I picked out a picture from the photo shoot we had done recently that just showed Josh being all boy and this is what I created:
Isn't that awesome?  I may play with the fonts/size of fonts more before I get it printed when I print the October 2011 pages but it is the basic idea of what it will be.  Sometimes, when I come across ideas like this, I feel bad because it isn't something I started when my boys were first turning 1 but, I've had to learn to let go of some of that guilt and just start where I'm at and do the best I can each day.  It is really easy, though, to let life get too busy and not take time to write things down to remember in the future.  So, whether your kids are turning 3 or turning 13, maybe try this for their birthday, and enjoy just that moment of what they are doing. 

Have you completed anything from Pinterest?  If so, leave me a comment and a link - I'd love to check out the post!

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