Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weight Watchers Saturday

So, yes, I've been debating on posting about this for a few weeks.  I had two opposing thoughts,you see, one tells me not to say anything because than you get the "police" who question everything you do/eat and the other one tells me that this is one of my 40x40 goals so I might as well share.  I've seen a lot of blogs lately where people are sharing their success and failure as they do Weight Watchers, workout, and change their lifestyle so . . .. I guess I'm jumping on board.  For all of my perfectly in shape followers, just cheer us on - for all of my followers who struggle with even one area of your appearance, maybe I can encourage you slightly (or make you laugh by my escapades!)

I am not going to post my weight - sorry, no going there!  (Who asks a girl her weight anyway?)  I find it is to easy to look at a number and judge - either way.  Some of the blogs I've seen I've even said to myself - "Seriously, they need to lose weight?".  It is kinda discouraging to see someone who is all over losing the 5 pounds they need to lose HA!  I will tell you each week my losses or gains as well as how I did tracking my points (i.e. points plus as it is called now), and how I did with exercise . . .which I hate!  I'm choosing to do this post on Saturdays because I weigh in on Saturday Mornings AND not many people read blogs on Saturday :-) hehehehe

First up with be my weekly goals that I want to work on the following week.  I'll also share my results from the week before. 

Tracking:  A huge part of being successful in Weight Watchers is tracking what you eat - both the item and the Points Plus value.  It really makes you realize what you are eating in a day.  My goal this week is to track everything.  No excuses. 

Exercise: I really, truly hate exercise - I hate sweating, breathing hard, and being tired . . . all things, that ironically, I am anyway because I'm out of shape.  I have several ideas and/or books I want to look into but for this week, my first goal is to just walk on the treadmill 4 days this week.  I have a friend that is helping me with my "program" so I am doing 30 minutes - starting at 2.5 going up towards 3.5 and back down, all in 5 minute sections. 

Mental: Isn't part of losing weight, mental?  My goal this week is to get a book on Strength training that another blog I read recommended.  From everything I've read, I have to add strength training at some point in order to actually tone. 

Food: If I don't plan, I don't eat well.  My goal this week is to plan my/our meals to be healthy, full of fruit and veggies, and to limit my snacking.  I will say that eating very healthy is expensive so I have to be creative with the fruit and veggie concept in order to be able to stay inside our grocery budget.

I will be honest, my goal topics and goals may change on different weeks - because each week I may have a different goal I want to achieve. 

The second thing I'll share - more because I have enjoyed it on another blog I read - is what I eat.  Now, I already post our dinner menu each week on Mondays (or at least I've just started this last week is a more accurate statement) so I will probably just share breakfast and lunch.  Sometimes even just a new recipe or idea I tried for one of those meals that helped me stay on track. 

No time like the present to begin, right???

Weekly Weigh In:  -1
Total Lost: 2 pounds
Total To Lose: 6 trillion :-) hehehehe Just trying to lighten the mood! 

I just have one quick recipe idea to share and the points value totally depends on how you make it!

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
(doesn't that just sound like it would ruin your diet - it won't!)

Oil (Opt)
Salt and Pepper

Very simply, break the hard ends off of the Asparagus (right where they SNAP). If desired, drizzle a teeny tiny amount of olive oil on the asparagus and toss to coat.  Then, take one slice of bacon and cut into 4 even pieces by cutting it once in half long ways (giving you two long skinny pieces) and next cut each of those pieces in half right in the middle, (cutting across the short middle) which gives you 4 pieces about 1/2 inch wide and maybe 3-4 inches long.  Wrap one small piece around each asparagus.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake on a cookie sheet at 425 for about 15 minutes than, turn on the broiler and let them sit under the broiler for 3-5 minutes (this helped crisp the bacon up).  If you are worried about the time - just read the back of your bacon package and see what it recommends for baking time.

As you can see - if you leave the olive oil off, you will use less points.  The way I make it - 4 pieces of asparagus takes 1 piece of bacon and most bacon is 1 point a slice.  Not too shabby!  You could even stretch it further and cut your bacon into 6 slices especially when the veggie is really skinny. 

I had this for lunch twice this week but it would also make a quick and easy snack! 

"To See a Change; Make a Change" 


everything.beautiful said...

Hola - I haven't posted anywhere, well, I don't think - maybe I have - lol.. Alzheimers at 40 :) Anywho - I joined WW 3 weeks ago. I have no success with anything else and knew I needed a focus. I lost 1.4 the first week and 1.6 last week. Tomorrow is my week 3 weigh in day. I haven't followed it all that closely this past week 'cause we were on the road and it'll be the same this next week - but I like it. The weight is coming off far slower than I would like - but - this time around - I'm going to be okay with that!! We can encourage each other along the way :)

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I laughed out loud at your needing to lose 6 trillion pounds. haha! I seriously feel that way every day. There seems to be a weight watchers phenomenon going on right now and I think I need to jump on board. I'm definitely going to look into this.