Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tot Time - The Week I worked on plans for week 1

Before I share with you what I did this past week towards my goal of working more with my kids this fall, I wanted to share a few links with you that I've found this week OR that I follow but that posted specific ideas this week. 

First up is another one of my favorite blogs, Musings Of Me. On her site you will find lots of "tot packs" that she has created.  Just recently posted a Vacation pack that you can download for free.
Over at A Little Tipsy, she is hosting a "Make a Memory" summer series.  Each Monday, someone different shares how they do something specific to make a memory in the summer.  This week is pretty creative - it is centered around family movie night.  The kids have the chance to earn "concession money" aka Monopoly Money to spend at the family concession stand before the movie.  It really is such a creative way to make special Movie nights . . well, special!
I found this one by chance, but it is such a cute idea, I wanted to add it.  Check out the full pack over at My Shae Noel.

Even though I'm following a little bit of a specific "curriculum" I love these bonus ideas that I can throw in as a family event or use on busy weeks - tot packs are perfect for that - to keep my kids entertained!

One last thing I wanted to share.  I am a James Patterson fan - I really enjoy his books; he is a great author.  He actually has a new book out that I want to pick up from the library soon!  While he was being interviewed for his latest book, he started talking about his son who did not like to read.  In order to encourage him to read, he told him he had to read for one hour (I think??) a day.  By the end of a month, his son loved books.  Well, he has a website out there called Read Kiddo Read.   This site has different categories based on age group.  He offers lots of ideas - I really love this as I'm always looking for new ideas for books.  Feel free to check it out and see what he suggests. 

So now, on to what I did this week!  My original goal was to plan weeks 1-4 but as I dug in, I realize that was a little overly zealous!  So, instead, I figure if I can get one week planned and anything made/cute out/printed for that week.  I'll be good.  I don't plan on starting a set plan until the last week in August so that gives me about 8 weeks to get 8 weeks ahead :-)  I really don't have anything to post specifically this week but will next week. 

I realize that with summer, most of us are planning - and planning is always good!!


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

These are wonderful ideas. My son is just 9 months old, but I know one day I will be scouring the internet for fun and educational things to do with him. Thanks for sharing! Stopped by from Jenna's.

The Mama said...

Stopping by from Jenna's - and I have to say, I LOVE that you call yourself "the 'unworking' mom". I stay at home as well, and sometimes have no idea what to say to that question.

Love all of your ideas! Love your blog!

Our Country Road said...

Thanks for the link to My Shae Noel-she has some cute stuff!

April said...

I will check out the James Patterson site soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

I used to try to plan way ahead of time, but I always end up changing it up. So now I just collect ideas on possible future themes but I try not to do too much planning. I think its really cool how some people can plan their whole year!