Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Reading

It is that time of week - time for me to share what I'm reading.  For those of you coming from the comment challenge - this is a weekly post (for the most part) that I do in order to share very simple book reviews on the books I'm reading. 

Books I finished this week:

Both books above are from the Elm Creek Quilters series.  The top book takes you back to Elm Creek Manor and the lives of each of the Quilters from Elm Creek - the original founders of the Quilt camp and the new comers.  I really like reading about each of the lives of the women and how they entwine with each other.  It was interesting to see how some friendships evolved and to see some things resolved.  The second book is more a story about the history behind the original family so it takes you back to the times of slavery.  It kept me riveted, honestly.  I didn't want to put it down as I wanted to find out what happened to those in the story.  I would highly recommend this series if you are looking for something interesting yet easy to read.

Books I'm reading right now:
I just started this book on Tuesday . . .. I love Liz Curtis Higgs so, until I get further into it, I'm not going to comment (honestly, I'm not sold on it yet . . . )

The above three books I'm just starting as I write this post.  Two are fiction and one is a non-fiction book dealing with teaching your children faith.  Yes, I really do read 3 or 4 or 5 books at a time.  I read them at different times - I enjoy the "easy" fiction books while relaxing on a rainy day or when we are eating lunch (a 10 month old, 18 month old and 2 1/2 year old don't offer much conversation yet ha!).  I tend to read the deeper books . .ummm .. in the bathroom!!  It isn't what you think . . it is the only room in the house where I can get peace and quiet . . .so when the hubby gets home and I disappear for a bit, he knows where I am . . I've thought about moving an old wing back chair we have stored in our basement into the bathroom.  You can stop laughing, I'm serious!!! 

My devotional books:

 No change, no updates because I'm still in summer mode.  The only thing I'm reading for devotions is my Bible (which is Good!!) because I'm trying to catch up on my Through the Year Bible Reading so I can finish strong at the end in September. 

One other update, I guess, I meant to have my 3rd quarter books ready to post on July 1st and plain old forgot!!!  I was working on a list but hadn't finalized it . . .than it got busy and hot and I didn't have time to look at it again.  I plan on finalizing my reading goal for the next three months this week and I'll what makes the list! 

Let me know if you are reading anything good - I'm always looking for something new to add to my list!!!


Melissa said...

I wish I had more time to read...
I am visiting from Jenna's Comment Challenge!

~she~ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love to read too but can only handle one book at a time. With 4 kids, it usually takes me a while to get through them. I am loving my new Kindle...getting ready to start an Amish book on it. I hope your Amish book gets better. I find them fascinating. I'm not sure if I love your blog title or hate it! :) As a mom, I know how hard you actually are working!!! Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the commenting challenge. It sure is fun!!

Single Mama said...

I've heard great things about "Reshaping it All" - I wish I had more time to read.

Stopping by from Jenna's Journey.

The Bost Family said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding new blogs to read! I am very impressed with your reading list. I can't blieve you can read 3-5 books at a time! I would be so lost!

Jenn said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one out there that reads multiple books at the same time. I like your list, I'll have to check some of them out.