Thursday, July 7, 2011

3rd Quarter Book Goal

These are the books from my 2nd quarter reading goal.  I did pretty well, if I say so myself.  There are a few that I didn't get to so those I'll carry over to this quarter. 

The books I'm carrying over are:
It Starts At Home
Shepherding a Child's Heart
Totally Desperate Mom

Reshaping it all and The Power of a Positive Mom are the books I'm using in my devotions so those are a work in progress.

With three books carrying over, that leaves me 9 more to add to my list.  I don't have a big picture of the books because I 've decided to order the books from the library.  If it is a book I really love, I'll purchase it to have on my shelf.
1. Ministry of Motherhood - I started this book but had to return it to the library.  I loved what I read and plan on purchasing this one.
2. Before Five in a Row/Five in Row - these are both curriculum books that I have reserved from the library already.  I've heard a lot about this concept and just want to read the books to get the over view.
3. RE-Church: Healing Your Way back to the People of God - just really interested in this book.
4. Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris
5. The Happiness Project - this book comes highly recommended by several friends - I've been told I MUST Buy this book
6. If God Is Good by K. Bruner
7. Have a New You by Friday
8. Just Give me Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz
9. Financial Peace Jr by Dave Ramsey. 

This goal stretches from July 1- September 30, 2011. 

I'll post my progress as well as my very simple reviews every Wednesday :-)  (I know, you just can't wait, can you? ha!)

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