Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Reading (and other misc. topics)

I just finished reading The Rocky Mountain Legacy Series by Kristen Heitzmann.  This is a series of 5 books that begin with the book shown above, Honor's Pledge.  The story takes place in Colorado Rockies and are based upon the life of Abigail Martin.  She is a strong willed young woman who seeks adventure and goes after what she knows is truly in her heart.  Each of the 5 books follow her life has she walks through happiness, heartbreak, and joy once again. 

These are books that I had on my shelf and have read several times.  They are easy reads but are also very interesting and realistic.  As you read each story, you are drawn into the lives of the people involved; share they successes and feel their losses.  I often found myself not wanting to put the books down just so I could find out what was going to happen. 

I would recommend these books as enjoyable reads - especially on a rainy day or for reading by the pool (if only I had one ha!). 

I also just finished reading this book, The Forgiving Hour, by Robin Lee Hatcher.  This is a powerful book that talks about adultery. Not just the hurt that it causes but the long lasting ramifications.  It does not focus on the act but rather the process of healing in all of the lives that are impacted and the truths that are taught could be applied to any area of bitterness or hurt. 

This book is a great read; it very quickly brings you into the lives of the characters and keeps you there to the end.  There is a moment when the reader will wonder if there really is hope and forgiveness, which is often hard to see in a book.  I would recommend this book to anyone; don't let the topic scare you, it is  the story that will touch you.
I'm in the midst of reading a few other books as well
1.  The Power of a Positive Mom - I slowed down on this one as I felt that I was really flying through it and not learning what I needed to learn.
2. Falling Forward by Sandi Patty - I thought I would have this one finished but, I had been reading it before bed; with my husbands new job, he is in bed by 8:00 so, when I go to bed, it is kinda hard to read;-)  I need to bring that out to my desk and read it in the evenings when all is quiet. 
3.  I just reading the book on the Duggar family and I'm looking forward to reading about how they "survive" with their large family.

I'm trying to learn to use the library and not spend money on books.  I've done this recently with getting books for the kids and I also ordered a book that I'll be using with my Good Morning Girls group for the summer. I wanted to see if I really liked the book before I spent any money on one of my own.  This is breaking a habit for me - I tend to think that I "need" every book that goes with any lesson or any theme we are studying and that really isn't the case.  If I find a book that I love or my kids love . . . than I'll add it to a list and pick them up along the way :-)

My husband recently asked me if I would like a Kindle or a Nook - I'm indifferent on that item for the time being.  I think that if I was on the go all the time, I might really like one so I could just carry it in my purse but, since I'm home 99% of the time, I don't see it as a need right now.  Plus, then I would have to spend money on e-books :-)
Do you and on Kindle or Nook?  If so - do you love it?


What are you reading?


Carrie said...

My husband bought me a Kindle back in February. I was extremely disappointed in him because I had said repeatedly that I love to hold books in my hands, and would never adjust to a screen, etc. That I did NOT want one.
Well...I have to say...I am loving it! LOVING it. Very handy since we are quickly running out of room in our house to store books. Also, there are many Christian fictions titles available for free on a regular basis. And, when you want to read a book you just get it on Amazon and you have it immediately..instantly to start! There are also several word games that I enjoy playing.
The screen is not harsh and you have to use light to read it. It keeps your place in any book you open to read on it.
My brother has a Nook and honestly, right seems that it isn't as easy to find titles for. I mean, you can, but I love Amazon and Amazon does Kindle and it's super easy.
A ton of classics can be found for free also.
Have to say I am a true convert and I thought I would NEVER ever like it.
OH, and I hardly take mine anywhere. I read mine mostly at home.
The battery life is great. It lasts for a few weeks if you only read a couple of hours a day...with the wireless internet turned off that is.

Carrie said...

oh, I also have several devotionals that I found for free on it as well.