Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . that I can have the windows open.  It clears out the house from all of those winter smells (you know we all have them!) and I just love feeling that breeze through the house.

I'm loving . . . that my boys make little accomplishments!  Today, Josh learned to blow bubbles on his own and loved doing it and Nate learned how to climb down the stairs.  Maybe he could help grandma practice? (hahaha)

I'm loving . . . . the treadmill.  Nope, still doesn't work HA! 

I'm loving . . . being able to stay home.  Not for the reasons you think but, sadly, because I've really enjoyed reading in the recliner more lately ;-)  I really need to get back to that to do list!

I'm loving . . . . our weekends.  We haven't had weekends in a year and half.  The work hours for my husband are REALLY long and weary but, we are getting to have Saturday and Sunday off for now. 

I'm loving . . . that festival season is right around the corner.  I'm waiting anxiously for my first elephant ear :-)

What are you loving today? 

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