Thursday, April 14, 2011


I always say that I'm the most unlucky person ever but . . .well .. recently I won the giveaway hosted by Jen over at CraftomaniacWhat did I win??? A $25.00 gift certificate for Scensty Products from
Jennifer Moffat.  I've heard about this product for several years but, as of yet, haven't been to a party or even tried anything out.  One of the bonus' of this product is that there is no flame - it is a flameless candle.  People that have talked about Scentsy always talk about the smell and how fantastic they all smell.  Well I picked up the following flavors:
I've already used "Sharp Dressed Man" and it smells exactly like that - I have it in my bathroom and it is perfect.  It reminds me of . . .my husband!  It isn't too woodsy or anything like that but smells clean.  In my kitchen I have Hazelnut Latte - and it is incredible.  I love that smell!  I haven't tried Coconut Lemongrass as of yet but I'm sure it is going to be just as good!!

I picked up to different Scentsy units.  First, I picked up the full size unit which I have in the bathroom. 

I only had the online catalog to look at and I was very happy when I opened the box and found this item to be even prettier than it looked online.  They are easy to "assemble" and easy to use.  It is probably bigger than what I need for the bathroom but it was part of a really good deal :-) 

I also picked up a "plug-in" warmer as well.

This little cute thing is plugged into an outlet in my kitchen.  It is THE perfect item for the kitchen without a doubt.  I love that I can switch out the flavor so easily and it lasts as long, if not longer, than those little packets you slide into the store bought plug-ins.  The only thing I would say is that you want to place this somewhere where little fingers (or big knees) won't hit it since it has the melted wax on top. 

I'm extremely happy with this product though and I will be putting a small amount in the budget to be able to pick up some more melts to use. 

If you like what you see, make sure and check out Jennifer's website!  She was wonderful to work with and I got my product less than one week after I placed my order so all around customer service is awesome!


everything.beautiful said...

Very cool! I had a scentsy - until a week ago when my son accidentally knocked it over and smashed it to pieces. I was bummed :(
CONGRATS!! Enjoy!!

Carolina Carters said...

Congrats! Great prizes! :) I haven't tried Scentsy but I've heard a lot about their stuff. Enjoy!!