Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happenings in this House

Welcome to another week of Happenings in this House!!! We are doing a family fun day, today, so I'll be sharing that adventure tomorrow but I still wanted to post this today :-)

I wanted to keep the photos "clean" LOL  But, Josh has started showing interest in using the big boy bathroom so one night, we put some underwear on him for the last 15 minutes before bath time to tempt him.:-)

Just kicking back on the rocking horse with some juice :-) 

Josh was playing peek-a-boo with the little munchkin I babysit.  They were both laughing and have lots of fun!
This is a scene that I used to see every day, almost all day long.  As Josh has grown up, he's found other things to play with but every once in awhile, he sits up in the window and just watches outside or plays with some cars.  I really loved seeing this sight this morning . .. but . .. .

This was even more fun to see!  I was busy feeding the little guy so I threw Nate up on the couch behind me.  Usually he would just sit there but he got up and took off for the window.  He climbed right up on that arm and stood there staring out the window.  Josh than came racing over and I was a little concerned I would here "Mine, mine mine" but instead he just got up there next to him and they stayed that way for a long time!!
Nate is discovering new toys to play with that he hasn't played  with before which is always fun to watch!

Josh decided he needed to eat lunch in the chair.  I found this funny because last Wednesday, we got a Happy Meal for dinner (Wednesday is our treat day since Darryl is gone all day long due to driving cab and practice).  Well, that is when he took one bite of a french fry and showed me he had the stomach flu (yuck!)  So, I had given him a bath and than put him in this chair with that blanket wrapped around him.  So, he saw the lunch today, ran to his room, grabbed the blanket and ran to the chair.  Than said "ries?" (Fries)  LOLOLOL  He relaxed there for a long time, watching 'toons and eating "ries"
Finally, I was cooking dinner and the boys were in Josh's room.  They had shut the door (Josh can open it) and I heard them playing.  When I went to get them for dinner this is what I found :-)  I'm sure Nate (or as Josh calls him "Eat") had help getting up on that desk but, hey, at least they were playing together!

So, as you can see we played a lot this week - always lots of fun!!

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