Friday, February 18, 2011

Savings Angel

Welcome to another week of my SavingsAngel report - if you don't really care about couponing or seeing what I saved just skip this post.  I do this for my benefit so that I can track my savings over the next few months.

As I filled my cart this week I kinda got discouraged.  Why?  Because I had set a goal for myself to save more than I spent and I really didn't feel like I was doing very well.  Look at all of that stuff though! I also didn't plan my menu as well for next week as I usually do because the week got away from me so I felt scattered while shopping.   So, as usual, when I got home I went through my receipt and added everything up.  Here are the totals:  Full retail for the items shown (and a large pack of TP that I forgot to put on the counter) would have been $120.64.  I paid $54.83.  Now for you mathematicians, you already know this but guess what?  I saved . . .. $65.81!!!!  Yep, I did it - I saved more than I spent.  I was so excited!!!!  My big savings were the following:

4 bags of Chex mix would have been $9.16 but I paid $2.00
4 boxes of pasta would have been $6.08 but I paid $2.00
1 container of Cooking Cream Cheese would have been $2.99 but I paid $0.50
6 bottles of baby shampoo/wash would have been 19.44 but I paid $10.54
3 bottles of Children's Triaminc would have been $16.08 but I paid $6.97

Here are some better pictures:
 See the Deli Creations - even the meat guy stopped and said something about what a great sale they were; than I mentioned I had a coupon for $1.00 off and he asked me how I managed that! LOL  I got both of those for $1.00 - they would have been $5.00
There are several things I would not have bought had they not been on sale and I had a coupon - the Sweet Moments, even though they tempted me many times, and the Cooking Cream Cheese.  I'm anxious to try them both to see if they are worth the hype.  My kids love the fruit cups so those will get eaten and we were out of baby wash - so I was thankful for a sale and great coupons!!

I thought I would also share items that I will not buy again: 

1) Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich's - it isn't so much that they didn't taste good but I don't think they are worth the cost, even on sale/with a coupon.  (I believe I got them for $3.99)  I actually pulled the egg off (gross!) and by the time they were cooked, the cheese had melted into the bread so I ended up adding another slice of fresh cheese.  Over all they tasted ok but I would rather pay $1.00 at McDonalds or pay more and make up my own with fresh eggs and sausage.
2.  Meijer fruit snacks - My kids love fruit snacks (thanks Grandma! hahaha)  So when I was shopping last week, I compared prices and decided to try the Meijer fruit snacks.  I won't do that again.  I do not eat them usually anyway but I decided to taste one and they tasted like feet smell (seriously!) I had to go brush my teeth.  Josh still ate them like it wasn't a big deal but I just can't stand giving my kids something that I know doesn't taste well.  Thankfully the GOOD fruit snacks were on sale this week :-)

**Please note that the above is only my opinion - I've had many products by Meijer and Jimmy Dean that are fantastic. 

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