Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Challenge - Recipe Binder - Follow-up

On Sunday, A Bowl Full of Lemons posted the weekly challenge which was to create a Recipe Binder.
Feel free to check out my original post here.

Here are the steps to the final product - my new Family Recipe Binder.

 I am so thankful that Toni posted links to be able to print the cover sheet, back cover sheet and binder sheet for my Recipe Book - they match my kitchen perfectly.  So, after printing those, I attached them to some red scrapbooking paper and inserted them into my new white binder.
 I picked up some insertable tabs to use for dividers. Than, proceeded to go through all of my recipes that I had set aside to type up but now, don't have too!
 For the categories "Main Dish" and "Holidays" I, again, borrowed Toni's idea and put them all under one heading but than used tabs to divide them a little more.  I created these sheets as well and printed them on card stock to hold the label, which I placed along the top edge.
 The recipes from magazines, I just attached to paper using double-sided tape and stuck them in the binder.
 The finished binder!!!
 I also organized this cupboard by moving out the plastics, moving the cookbooks to the first shelf and putting my cookie/candy supplies in here as well.  That is as far as my painting project got - I took off the cabinet door and bought the supplies LOL Maybe this weekend I can get this one cabinet done!!

I had to let go of my perfectionism in this project.  I did not alphabetize my categories but rather put them in the order I used them the most; I also did not worry about typing up recipes all in the same font but just put the ones I had in the binder.  What a HUGE stress reliever.

Here are my categories:
Current Week - I will move any recipes for the current week to this tab so they are easy to find.)
Main Dish
Crock Pot Meals
Snacks and Appetizers
Muffins and Breads
Soups and Stews
Odds and Ends (Like Play Dough and other non-food or odd recipes)

I am linking this finished product up over at:

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Carolina Carters said...

Great job! I have a cabinet full of recipes and cookbooks that so desperately need to be organized....someday, I just may steal that idea!! :)