Monday, January 3, 2011

Planning, Planning, Planning

Isn't this the cutest little place?  We have been planning for about a year, to take our vacation this spring, here, at this adorable little place called "Apple Tree Cottage".  Yes.  A year, folks.  See last year, we went looking for cabins and found this one but you had to rent by the week and we were only looking for 2-3 days.  So I book marked it and last week, wrote my e-mail giving the dates and asking to confirm the price.  Because we go in the "off-season" we get a really good rate.  This place is just awesome - it is twice as big as my house, has a loft for the kids to play in and lots of toys (She'll even paint their names on the door before we get there and you can send photos and she'll put them in the frames!!), a wrap around porch, outside kids toys with bikes and wagons.  I mean it has everything.  I was already planning our week.  Than, today, I got an e-mail back.  Guess what?  They aren't taking any rental applications right now because they are in the middle of a remodel.  Seriously?  When I've been planning for a year??? Come on folks!!!  She suggested e-mailing her back around the 1st of May but, I can't really wait that long because other good, well-priced properties will be gone :-(   I'm a little disheartened as I start my search again.  See, last year, I searched for weeks to find the perfect little place we went to in the UP (and in doing so found the above gem).  Now, I'm back at square one and here, I thought I was done!  So, it is a-searching I will go.  I've already sent one e-mail to a place located on Lake Michigan to find out if our "week" falls into their "off-season" rate but I have a feeling the answer will be no!!!!  We really love Lake Michigan and had hoped to be able to spend a week there . .. I may have to search other areas now though . . .crazy, isn't it?

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