Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Too Cute Not To "Toot"

As the holidays wind down, there are lots of craft ideas popping up all over the place.  So here we go for another round of "Tootin'" those great ideas!

Josh has a growth chart in his room that I picked up before his first birthday but, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of it (yes, I liked it at the time but just isn't want I want for the next 20 years).  I saw this idea awhile ago and really fell in love with it.  It is going on my husband's - "you must make this today" list for his next project day!

Click here to see the idea at Lemon Tree Creations
With winter upon most of us, this project would be great - making a blanket!  My mom makes FANTASTIC quilts (I need to do a post on the quilts she made us for Christmas!!) but this is the easy version (for someone like me) 
Check out the great tutorial at oopsey-daisy for an Easy Rag Blanket
Craft-O-Maniac is posting a ton of Valentine's Day ideas.  I must admit, I don't really decorate for Valentine's Day but I do have some ideas I'm planning to do this year.  I would like to add a few things to my stash - I think it will be fun while the boys are young to have things out for each holiday. I thought these letters looked really cute and would be easy to make

This time of year, besides Valentine's Day crafts there are other fun ideas too.  This hand sanitizer bottle is a really easy, cute idea from Living Life Crafty.  I think it would be cute in a classroom by the kids sink or a kids bathroom at home
Over at Twelve Gifts to Christmas, she gives a great tutorial on how to make a "Crayon" Box.  It is really cute . She suggests it as a teacher gift but I think it would also make a great crayon holder for older kids (I wouldn't use it for mine yet - they would pull the crayons off the box to use them!).  It would look adorable on a little desk :-)

I these conversation magnets by Crafts by Amanda where really cute.  She made them specifically for Valentine's Day but you could use them to in place of flashcards sometimes for kids that are learning to read.  Plus they could make simple sentences (Make a worksheet with sentences on it - than have your child make the same sentences using the magnets) It is a super easy, fun craft :-)

And the lost idea for today is from TaraDara Made It and is two fold.  First it is an inspiration board tutorial.  I've seen these done on various design shows as well as on the Flylady site for posting your daily routines.  If you have the space - it is an awesome idea.  For the scrapbooking fanatics out there - it would be a great place to put up samples of your favorite pages, paper, sayings, and more.  The other thing I noticed where her homemade tacks.  They also use the clear beads like the Conversation Magnets above.  There isn't a tutorial but it looks like you just modge podge scrapbook paper (or fabric) on the back and than my guess is that you hot glue a flat tack to it.  I'm thinking I need to make some for my bulletin board :-)

So, start getting crafty :-)  I have a few crafts I'm planning on working on this weekend - 4 to be exact - as well as a long list of others.  Looking forward to having some fun :-)

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