Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Organized Challenged.

Today is Day 11 over at A bowl Full of Lemons 21 day organizational challenge.  You can check out this post to see my other 10 days of organization.

So, Day 11 on A Bowl Full of Lemons is the Freezer, but honestly, my Freezer is clean.  For one, I don't have alot of food and secondly, I clean it out every week before shopping so I know what I have :-)  So for me, Day 11 was going back to the dresser drawer.  So check out the before and after:

The before - Darryl's shorts and t-shirts.  Always a jumbled mess!

Now it houses his white t-shirts, jeans and shorts.  So much neater!

The old jean and t-shirt drawer.

Which now houses his t-shirts all sorted by color!

Sadly this is my one and only drawer.  Everything is crammed in here.

Now, all my shirts are organized, shorts are folded and jeans fit in nicely.

And the PJ drawer.

All nice and neat!
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Terri @ said...

Wow, you clean out your freezer every week? Good for you. Your dresser drawers are looking fabulous too :)

Amanda said...

great job!

amazing you clean out your freezer each week