Friday, October 8, 2010

Things I am Loving

I like to post about things I'm loving because I think being Thankful is a good thing!!  Plus, who knows, maybe you'll discover something new to do by seeing what I love!

Frozen Hot Chocolate - you can find the recipe here.  These are SOOO good!

This is our school basket!  Josh has learned that our books, crafts, games, CD's and videos are all in the basket for the week.  He loves to get it down and pull stuff in and out for hours :-)

This smells incredible!  I love it!!!  My whole house smells like this after a shower :-)

I am loving these quilts and so are my kids!  My mom "threw" them together a few weeks ago and I like to keep them in the living room.  I'll lay them out on the floor and the kids will play on them for quite a while.  Josh likes to "count" the buttons and Nate likes to try and find his toys in the midst of the colors.

And last but not least, who couldn't love this weather?

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