Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkin Waffles

We had these for dinner:
Pumpkin Waffles!!!  They are so yummy :-)  Ok, I did not make the Spiced Whipped Cream that is included in the recipe but for company, that would be fun to make too!  I found this recipe here, at Women Living Well.  Check it out - the full recipe and pictures are all included (Why recreate the wheel, right?!)  I will be making these again!

*Just an FYI - this makes a LOT of waffles.  I made three and probably could have made 5-6 more.  Next time I will cut the recipe in half since there are really only two of us that eat a whole waffle right now :-)

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Carrie said...

I doubled this recipe from the blog, and modified it slightly to make pancakes instead. They were very good and so was the whipped cream. We still have a ton left over so I may freeze them. They usually heat up pretty well in the microwave. I try to do that when I make waffles but we usually don't have enough leftover! ha ha. We have more of these because husband and son didn't love them as much as regular waffles cause they are boring. lol.