Monday, November 22, 2010

My Favorite Things

Week 2 of "My Favorite Things" hosted by the The High Heeled Housewife is:  My favorite things about my husband.

I love my husband because:
1. He is funny.  He tells funny jokes and laughs at mine.  He finds humor in odd situations.  He still has the same sense of humor he had as a teenager (in other words, he is one big kid)
2. He is kind.  He treats me with respect and always says nice things to me.  He treats others kindly and has a way of getting people to talk.
3. He adores our children.  He loves to get on the floor and play with them.  He teaches them how to play and how to get along.  He is just a big kid too!!
4. He is handsome.  :-)
5. He is tall :-)
6.  He doesn't let me boss him around LOL  Seriously!  I can tell him what to do - and he'll tell me he's going to do things differently because he is in charge :-) hehehehehe  I like that!
7. He is musical.  There is nothing better than having a spouse who plays an instrument; not only do you get to hear it, you get to feel proud when he plays for others.  It is a double bonus!!
8. He is a hard worker.  He works two jobs, 80+ hours a week so I can stay home with our kids and he doesn't complain.
9. He is intelligent.  He is able to figure things out and tends to think through things far more than I do.  It is a good thing, even when it frustrates me.
10.  He is married to me :-)


southofthefork said...

THat's quite a list! I wonder if I cheated my husband in my post!?!

I enjoyed it. Thank you!

visiting from The High Heeled Housewife

Brittany @ The High-Heeled Housewife said...

So glad you're sharing, Jackie! I LOVE that you made a list.

When I visited your blog, one of my mother's & my FAVORITE Sandi Patty songs was playing. I just had to stay for a while just to listen & worship. :)