Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Journal - Part 4

This seems a little anti climatic after the previous posts but there is one last section in my Holiday Journal.  That is all of the other holidays.  Sure, I decorate currently for Christmas far more than I do for any other holiday but I really like so much of what I see in magazines and on blogs for other holidays, I get inspired!  Instead of saving stacks of magazines, I started tearing out sections about holidays, gift ideas, decorating ideas, and more.  I've added these to the back of my holiday journal.  The nice thing about magazines is that the pages are dated.  Set a date limit on how long you will keep things.  For example, personally, if I have not used an idea within two years of the date of the magazine, I'll toss it because more than likely I will never use it.  New ideas come out that I will like better, I'm sure!  By doing this, I don't get over run with ideas and it forces me to try things that I really love.

I liked this idea about gingerbread houses - my boys aren't quite ready for this so I stuck it in the journal for next year.  I may not use this exact idea but it is a great reminder of something I want to do!

This is a whole section on 4th of July - I LOVED that wreath and it is so easy to do - just some of those flag toothpicks.  By the time I read this magazine, the holiday was long gone so this is a visual reminder to pick those flagpicks up next summer.

This article offered lots of great fall ideas.

I love these - I want to add these to my porch decor next year for Halloween :-)  I found a great place to get "cheap" pumpkins next year, if I don't grow my own.
I didn't get any pictures of the section on gifts.  I'm sure you've seen the sections in magazines on gifts that are inexpensive, unique, ect.  I tear those out that have things I like and stick them here too.  When I need to be inspired for something unique, I search through those pages. 

That's it!  Hopefully you have been inspired to do one thing differently.  So far this is by far the least stressful decorating year I've had - I always planned to do it this way but things always caused me to not get things done.  Both boys have decorations in their rooms and so do we!  I did not get pictures yet, sorry :-(   This next week I'll be trying to squeeze in some decorating in the living room as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.  It may have to wait until the weekend though :-)  I'll share pictures of the bedrooms and the living room next weekend!

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Farmer's Wyfe said...

What a great idea! I was trying to organize my painting magazines the other day, and I just kept saying, "Nope, gotta keep this one." I finally did rip some apart and just let go of others. I like your 2 year "not used" idea.
You're so organized!!