Monday, November 1, 2010

The "Little School" - Halloween Theme

And this is the TRUTH!  I love Oopsey Daisy!  I've mentioned this site before because Alison does some awesome things!  She does something with her son called "Mommy School".  She began posting all of her plans just about the time I finished my lesson plans from another site.  Those plans were through 2 years old so I new I needed to find something else to start incorporating with Josh and her ideas really sent my mine spinning.  I wanted to share both her ideas and the plan that I morphed it into. 

There are other plans before this one and I REALLY meant to post this at the beginning of last week since the Theme is Halloween but, that didn't happen.  It isn't just Halloween though!  It is the color orange, the # 3, and more!  In this packet, you will find: (you can find ALL this at  Oopsey Daisy's  blog - she did ALL the work!!)
*Halloween learning games and activities
*Tons of Halloween art ideas
*Halloween Science, Math, and literature connections
*Food Ideas
*Four Flannel board stories with corresponding visual aids
*Book Ideas
*Songs and fingerplays
*Halloween party ideas for toddlers
*Ideas for the color, number, and letter of the week
*Tons of visual aids and learning activities ready to go

I can't say enough how fantastic this is AND how much work it took for "Oopsey Daisy" to put together.  She shares it, as do I, because I believe in teaching little ones at home.  I also believe in sharing ideas - there is no reason for everyone to re-create the wheel.  I am working on creating some plans of my own based solely on literature which I will also be sharing and just doing those plans has shown me how much work she has done!  She also lists all of her sources - check them out too!

You can download the whole "Halloween" lesson plan Here

And my spread sheet Here .   I plan lesson plans for two weeks at a time so I will list 2-3 things on some days AND I also overplan.  No matter how hard I try, I can't get through what i have planned each week so I just get through what I can!!

So enjoy!  Yes, I did do some of these activities this year and I will be doing some more next week.  But more than that, I look forward to NEXT October when I can do even more of these ideas with both boys!

Future Lessons: "L" is for Leaves, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, "A" is for Apple, and more!!  I'll try to get at least one posted each week so I can catch all of you up.  And . . .there will also be a "Thankful" lesson coming soon!

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