Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness

November 21, 2010
Today, I am thankful for my brother Ken.  Ken is the youngest of the three boys but he is STILL older (much older hahaha) thank I am!!  Ken is a Pastor and I really enjoy the times I get to sit and hear him preach.  I've been listening to him preach since his first job as a youth pastor and I can honestly say that he has gotten better with age.  He is powerful when he preaches and it is enjoyable to listen to him teach the Word of God.   Beyond that, Ken is fun.  He is funny. He is kind.  He's the brother I've had the opportunity to spend the most time with through the years.  Ken was on staff at the college I attended, so he was there my Freshman year; he lived just a few miles from me for years when I got my first teaching job - he and Lynnette always watched out for me.  And now, he lives just a few hours away.  I appreciate his friendship, leadership, and example :-)

Ken with Nate at Easter.

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