Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Memory Card Game

I had scene several versions of this game floating around on some blogs so I decided to create one.  This year we are using it more for identification of the different fall/Halloween things but next year, and for a few years after that I know it will be a fun memory game to play in October too!

First, you need to choose your pictures and print them.  I choose to use some photos actually created by someone else and had them printed at Walgreens as 5 x7's.  This saved me time and also saved a lot of ink in my printer.

Than, cut each photo in half.

I than rounded the corners on my photos - I liked the look better than the pointed edges.

You will also need scrapbook paper or card stock to attach the pictures too.  Cut your paper just slightly larger than the photos and, again, I rounded the edges.

Finally, I did laminate them with contact paper.  I would suggest, if you have access to a laminating machine, use that instead.  Contact paper isn't as permanent since you don't get the heat element and I do have a few cards that are peeling. 
Here are two links to help you with the project:
1) First, this was the original link I saw and it includes the instructions as well as a place to purchase and download Halloween/fall clip art . I had originally planned to do this so I had the pictures but since time was running out I "cheated".

2) Here is my "cheating" post - this is from a blogger who created the cards and made them available to save and use.  The downside is using someone else's choice of photos but this saved me so much time, I couldn't pass it up!

I'm hoping to be able to make one of these games for Christmas too.  I think that seasonal things, like this, for kids are great because you can pull them out and play with them to get the excitement around a holiday built up.  What a great way to make memories!

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