Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

Day 3: Your First Love
When I read this I knew it was "easy" and than I read Katie's post from Katie's Journey and felt a little guilty!  The first love that I thought of is my Husband because he truly is my first love, at least humanly speaking.  Spiritually, Jesus Christ is my first love without a doubt. But, I'm going to focus on my husband for this entry.  I met my husband, as I said in the previous post, through a match-maker service on-line.  He was the only person I ever dated (other than a stray "set-up" date here and there which always bombed) and we both knew by about the 3rd date that we were meant for each other!  We met On-line on October 31st, 2000; Talked on the phone for the first time the week before Thanksgiving; Met in person on December 16th, 2000; Got engaged on March 18th, 2001 and got Married on August 4, 2001.  Yep - that fast :-)  When you are old, like we were, you know when it's right (I was 28 when we met and he was 34).  He is my perfect match.  He balances me out completely - I am a planner; so I tell him all the plans for the next two years (hehehe) and he changes them - he has taught me it is ok to be flexible and that, surprisingly, doing something spur of the moment is ok!  He is kind, funny, and loves me just the way I am (which is the most important thing LOL) 
August 4, 2001
Sept 25, 2010 (He looks so serious, doesn't he?)
So I figured since I had to list 15 things about myself, I would list 15 things I love about my husband
1. He's tall - 6'3  I prayed specifically that God would give me someone tall!!
2. He's funny - he has such a dry, sarcastic since of humor - just like me.
3. He's compassionate
4. He's kind - he doesn't like to hurt other people and will sometimes do things he doesn't want to do just so he doesn't inconvenience someone else
5. He's musical - very musical.  He plays guitar but more than that he writes music.  I love listening to the CD's he creates on his own.  I keep praying that God would open a door for him in the music industry somewhere, somehow
6. He's a very hard worker - He works 2 jobs/6 days a week/80 hours a week so I can stay home. His "main" job is very physical - on average he probably runs about 10 miles a day to get his job done on time and lifts over a 1000 pounds each day too. 
7.  He's strong :-)  - Who wouldn't be doing what he does all day?
8. He's a fantastic father - he loves to get on the floor and wrestle with his boys and act silly.  They love to beat him up!
9. He loves good food as much as I do!  We are foodies and love flavorful food so we love to try out new things at restaurants.
10. He's an awesome driver - because he has had a driving job his whole adult life; he's a better driver than anyone I know. 
11. He's extremely intelligent - sometimes, I think I annoy him because I like to give the basics of a topic and he asks all the why's and how's which I never know :-) hehehe
12. He's my best friend - He would rather be with me than go out with a group of friends on a Friday night; he's rather stay home and play games at home than go out somewhere else. 
13. He's Godly - He wasn't saved until he was 30 after listening to the "Through the Bible Series" by J. Vernon McGee.  He's listened to the entire series on the radio several times over and knows his Bible better than I do.
14. He's quiet - I know that seems funny; but I'm kinda the loud one so one of us needs to be quiet :-)
15.  Most of all, I love him because he married me :-)  (He will ask me why I love him and this is always my answer LOL)  Just think, if he hadn't picked me - someone else would have gotten to enjoy this wonderful person!!


Jackie Koll said...
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BARBIE said...

So sweet! I met my husband in October of 1987 and got engaged on Christmas Eve the same year! Married 8 months later. He sounds like a wonderful soul mate!