Thursday, August 12, 2010

31 in 31 - Day 2

Ironically, I took a picture this morning that I had in my head of what I wanted today's picture to be; I won't say what it is because I might take it again on another day and add it :-)  Instead this one just "happened".  I took my boys on an adventure today - we went to a Farmers Market and than to the mall.  We had lunch together - Josh and I shared, Nate got his own applesauce :-)  Than we did some window shopping.  I took time to put $0.75 in one of those little kiddy rides - Bob the Builder; Josh was very intrigued.  Than we went to the "plastic food playground"!!  You know the one - in the middle of the mall with plastic eggs, bacon, and other breakfast foods for kids to climb all over?  We had gone one other time and Josh was extremly overwhelmed with it all but not today - as soon as we got in there, he took off to play.  The nice thing is that Nate is a HUGE crawler and he is pulling himself up on everything so he got to play just as much.  We all had so much fun - my 21 month old dare devil stood on things with shaky feet, jumped off of things with courage, and always came running back to me just to make sure life was good :-)  Seriously, I hadn't backed out of the parking spot when my little guy was out cold LOL  Wouldn't it be great to rest like that?  To sit down and have your eyes be rolling back in your head before you had time to know it was happening?  Most nights, I lay there for an hour or more - oh to be like a toddler :-) 

So here's my picture for the day - what's yours?  Let me know so I can check it out!!

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