Sunday, August 29, 2010

31 in 31 - Day 19

One of the things I enjoy doing is Cooking . . .both savory and sweet!  When I "used" to work - I didn't have the time nor the energy to cook and bake like I do now.  Actually, I seldom baked because I didn't like taking up a Saturday or Sunday afternoon baking.  Same with cooking nice meals - I stuck to the 20 minute meals because there wasn't time to really cook.  Well, today I had to catch up on some baking since I didn't get a chance to go to the grocery store until Saturday night (Usually, I go on Friday evening and bake on Saturday but Darryl worked a double shift on Friday bringing him home later than normal!)  So, today's picture is of my baking :-)

In the back, the cookies are Lime Dime cookies.  (A recipe I saw on the old Martha Stewart show - I kinda miss her old show . . .I actually got quite a few ideas from her!-; than the bread is a Cinnamon Bread - Darryl used to take Pop-tarts in his lunch every day but we are switching to homemade "breakfast" foods for him to take so I found this recipe and tried it - ;  In the 8x8 pan are lemon bars.  I don't make them often but instead of making a big batch of cookies, I went for two small things (the lime dimes and bars); and finally a Strawberry Cream Pie.  Do you ever look at The Parade magazine that comes in the Sunday paper?  I found this recipe in there several years ago and tried it.  It is really good, really sweet, and really runny! LOL  I don't tend to make it for company because it isn't pretty once you cut it but it is pretty good.  Just as an FYI - my normal baking includes a batch of cookies, one dessert, and now, one loaf of bread or batch of muffins.

One last note - it was HOT today and spending hours in the kitchen makes me anxious for fall!! 

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