Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grocery Shopping Deals

Last week, my picture of the day was of a copy of shopping receipt because I was so excited I had come so close to my spending goal.  This week, my goal was to only spend $74.00 (my budget is $75.00 and I'm SLOWLY trying to get that lower but cutting back by $0.50 a week).  I did it - actually I BEAT it!!  My total today was $69.19!!!  I saved almost $25.00 between sales, coupons and some special deals.  YEAH!!  So I wanted to share a couple of my tricks - if you shop at Meijer. 

First, Meijer has a new program called mperks and you can find it at:

This is a brand new program - enter you cell # (that becomes your account #)  You than have access to coupons and can "clip" them; they are saved in your account.  When you go to Meijer, when asked for coupons, you can turn in your normal ones but than touch the Mperks button on the payment "box" and it will ask you to enter you account #.  Once you do that, that coupons are automatically taken off your total.  You will see it on your recent.  The only downside I see is that you don't have the coupon in front of you so you either just do it every time to make sure you use any coupons you have clipped or write down what you have specifically for that week.  I happened to snag a $5.00 off coupon that expired today so that helped my grocery total!  The one thing I don't know yet is how many text messages they may send, if any.  If you have unlimited text it won't be an issue but if you are like me, and don't, this may out weigh the savings.  Also, some phone plans will not let you use this service yet. 

Second, have you ever looked at Meijer Mealbox?  Basically, it is located on their home page ( ); click the tab on the top of the page or there is another location near the bottom.  Once there, you can browse recipes which include sale and coupon items.  BUT what I like is the tab that says "Specials" - those are Meijer coupons.  Match them up to current sales and/or use them with Manufacturer coupons.  (Did you know that you can combine Manufacturer and Store coupons to double your savings???  I learned that just a few months ago after YEARS of using coupons!)  I did this today and got 5 Totino's Pizzas for $3.25. 

I know many of you have other store's you use; some of you even get to use double or even triple coupons but my choices are limited so when Meijer offers new deals I get excited :-)  Even if you shop there on occasion take time to check the coupons in both of these areas. 

And - despite the fact that beat my goal - next weeks goal will still be $73.50 - still moving in $0.50 increments until I reach a reasonable point.

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Betsy Thompson said...

Paul works for Meijer and I didn't know about the Meijer Perks thing! So glad you passed it along!