Saturday, August 1, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos - #29

What a week!  Some unexpected things this week but that makes life more exciting, right?

Saturday - we attending a wedding for some friends.  It was small, outside, social distanced and we left after the ceremony.  Then we went to my mom's for dinner that night as well - we ordered pizza and it was a great treat for all of us.

Sunday - a totally relaxing day at home.  The boys had their last Sunday School Zoom for the quarter and I also had my weekly family Zoom call as well.

Monday - Our day started out with no power.  They were outside moving lines today and had to cut the power.  So, I went to our favorite coffee shop, Sozo's, for the first time since April 27th (when Darryl got me a coffee for my birthday!) and got both Darryl and I a coffee.  It tasted a little like heaven.  The power came back on about 12:15.  We noticed the things in the fridge seemed warm . .. and then I checked the freezer.  Everything was mushy and thawed.  Uuugg!  Apparently it died sometime on Sunday and we were completely unaware!  We moved things into coolers and headed out to Nate's Tae Kwon Do testing.  He did amazing.  He was "highest rank" at testing so he got to lead the pledge and lead warm-ups.  The grandparents and Nana came so we headed out for ice cream afterwards.  Thankfully my in-laws own two electric coolers so they gave them to us to use . .. we headed home and emptied the fridge!

Tuesday - Today started with a dentist appointment for me.  Back in February I had my teeth cleaned but the dentist was gone and couldn't do her exam.  I was scheduled for a few weeks later thinking I had a cavity from something the hygentist said.  Then everything shut down instead.  I finally got back and, come to find out, there was no cavity - just a small chip in my tooth.  Whew!  Came home from that to completely clean out the fridge and get the cooler's organized.

Wednesday - Today, Darryl, Josh and Nate headed to Darryl's mom's for the day.  Darryl had some things of his Grandma's he wanted to sort through and the boys just like getting a day by the lake.  I stayed home with my extra kids and enjoyed a low key afternoon with some scrapbooking. I can tell you from what Darryl told me that Josh Kayaked, Nate fished, and both boys jumped off the boat into the lake . .. but he took ZERO pictures!!

Thursday - Today Nate's friend came over again.  We also ate dinner at my mom's - yes, an extra night to help us out while our fridge is down.

Friday - Man, I was ready for Friday this week HA! I tackled things on the to do list for the week, did my weekly cleaning, and just enjoyed the day.

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