Wednesday, June 27, 2018

July Goals

Yesterday I posted about my June Goal accomplishments.  It makes perfect sense to post my new goals today! 

1. Deep Cleaning - Instead of putting a specific room like I did last month (and then I did different rooms!) I'm just going to say that I need to accomplish deep cleaning in two of the following rooms left - Kitchen, Dining room, Bathroom, Play Room, or Boys Room.  Some rooms take a lot more work than others so it just depends on time what rooms get done! 

2. Basement - just continuing on with cleaning stuff out.  I'll keep trying to do the two trips a day concept until it is all cleaned up.  My main goal this month is just to get all of the stuff cleared out.  (Next month my goal, if this is done, will be to re-seal the floor!)

3. The Laundry Room - More cleaning - even though this is part of the basement, it really is its own area.  I just need to clean stuff out that doesn't belong and maybe re-seal the floor if I can. 

4. Money, Money - I don't give alot of specifics finacially because I feel like that is pretty personal but, I'm going to try to make July a "no-spend" month; or Freeze the Money.  What that means is writing a very specific budget and sticking to it.  Trying to plan for what we NEED to spend money on so those things are planned for but nothing extra.  We have some things we need to save for (like new tires for vehicles!) and without a freeze on the spending, it is hard to save.

5. Ways to Supplement Income - I'm continuing to look for ways to supplement our income.  Assuming I have not heard back from Shipt yet, I will try to re-apply and see what happens.  There is also two other very specific at home possibilities that I want to review and possibly apply for as well. 

6. Summer Fun Plan - I want to focus on our summer fun plan and accomplish what we can.  In July, it is easy to get lazy and not do anything but I want to try to not let that happen.  We have the advantage of the pool at the campground to fill some afternoons but we also have free bowling, library activities, crafts and maybe even a few side trips.

7. Scrapbooking - I mentioned in my June goals that I wanted to plan 8 hours in the month of July for scrapbooking.  So, I've looked at my calendar and I picked two Sunday afternoons (4 hours each) that will be my time for scrapbooking.  After church, once we arrive home and have had lunch, I'll just sit down at my desk and enjoy my hobby!

8. Scrapbooking part 2 - I want to go through 4 albums that are done and make sure they are really done.  Making a list of anything needed.  Also, I want to completely sort, edit, and upload all photos from 2018 this month.  Finally, as one extra item in the budget, I want to order 1 month of the digital pages I have and the pages to put them on as well.  Basically it is really important to me to finish 2009 digital pages by the end of this year if at all possible.

9. Reading!  My goal this month is to read at least 8 books of any kind.  It feels good to be getting through my basket of books :-)  Also, along these lines, I want to clean out the kids books.  They are old enough for chapter books so I want to clear out our kids books (keeping our favorites of course!) I also want to find a good place to have a "kids library" (I have a goal this fall to let the boys pick out a couple books each month from their book orders so they have books to read as well as to maybe visit the library more!)

10. Recipes - I'm tired of my recipe books :-)  I've used three ring binders forever but, I think I want to switch to a simple file box so I can just slide the recipes in and out of the files instead of having to refile fthem in a binder (which I don't do until I have a think stack of recipes floating around!  I'll also use this as time to clean out the cupboard that houses all of my recipe books!

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