Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just some Updates

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As is always the case, days are busy right now but I thought I would take a few minutes to update.

Last week I shared what we wanted to get done so that we could have some extra time off for Christmas.
We accomplished everything. 

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By Wednesday we had completed every single lesson, Josh had finished his Journals, and we had attended the last of the Live Lessons. 
It's a great feeling to get a break. 
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We also were able to enjoy a great field trip on Friday. (Pictures to come later)

Birthday Fun

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We've had some fun celebrating Nate this past week. 
I'll share some photos of our fun in the coming weeks but, today is his actual birthday!
The boys and I are doing a few things that are our traditions as we celebrate this very special 6 year old. 

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This year, I took a break from doing too much.  It's been nice to sit back and listen instead of always participating in everything.  
I let the boys  decorate the house and the trees this year and have "let it go" even though I have Christmas decorations in weird places and trees with lots of bare spots.  
The gifts are almost all wrapped. 
I haven't done any baking as of yet but do plan to do a little on Wednesday . .. very little.  

So, in the coming weeks, I have lots of photos to share and events to write about.  
I might start trying out some new recipes again ;-) 
It's time to write about Theme Words and Goals. 
And I'm ready to work on becoming more of a minimalist - or at least figure out how to live with less stuff and more joy!

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