Monday, April 6, 2015

Teaching Tuesday - Easter Week

This week took on a few twists and turns.  Last weekend all of the grandparents came over to see Josh compete in Awana Games.  Josh and Nate then asked Papa and Nana if they could go home with them and, it just happened that my parents were free and said yes.  So they quickly packed up on Saturday and unexpectedly headed out of town for a few days. My mom took them to a new Aquarium and to see a movie, which they loved!

We had expected to have them gone until Wednesday afternoon but got a call on Tuesday afternoon that my dad was on his way to the ER (don't worry, he's doing better now) so my kids were at my brothers house and we  needed to pick them up that afternoon.  It was actually a nice drive to my brothers and a nice, but quick, visit with his family.  My boys love Ken's kids so it was a lot of fun for them to get to hang out with their cousins.  So, yes they came home a day early - I was going to do school on Wednesday but was at the tail end of Lego Organization so I enlisted the boys help with some final sorting.  We also did a science experiment about electricity.  

These chicks are awesome.  They have batteries and two metal "rings" on their bottoms.  You can put a finger on each one and make them chirp.  But, we also held hands and had different people put a finger on the chick to see how electricity travels through us; the boys also put a little water on the table and saw how water carries electricity as well.  Papa would be proud :-)

We did school on Thursday and then on Friday we focused on some Easter things.

 The first thing we did was this great worksheet on the events of the Holy Week.  It gave me the opportunity to go through the events with the boys and we talked about why Jesus Died on the Cross and why he Rose again.  You can get the worksheet HERE

 Once we finished with our Bible lesson, we worked on an Art Lesson using water, tape, sidewalk chalk and an egg template.  I found the idea HERE.  The boys really enjoyed it. 
 Our finished holy week projects.
 Josh's egg - the point of the tape was to show a "relief" painting, therefore the lines of white on the egg.
Nate did not like the white lines after we took the tape off so he just colored in his entire egg!

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