Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I'm Reading

I've started a new Pinterest board.  I saw the idea on another blog I read and I loved it. The new pinterest board is called:

I plan on posting links to all of the books I read through the rest of the year right on that little board.  Even the bad ones :-)  

For the first time since since the end of June, I read a book.  I know.  That's crazy but true.  It's posted on my new board because I already finished it.  In one day.  It felt good to just ready one day last week I still have my list of non-fiction books I need want to read but I have a hard time finding that motivation lately.  

I'm also searching for some new books for the boys.  I like to get them each 2-3 books for Christmas and I like them to be books they will want to read over and over.  Last years books were pretty successful and I'm hoping to find books as good this year!  

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