Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekly Menu - the one with a Birthday

So, we've been sticking pretty close to our weekly menu lately which is a good thing.  I will admit that I miss some of the dishes I used to make that have cheese in them . . .like Cheesy Rice and Broccoli casserole . .. I might have to make it for me to eat for lunch one of these weeks.  This next weeks plan is a little different as you will see below.

Friday - Celebrating Darryl's birthday with my parents.  My mom is cooking and said it is a "surprise". 

Saturday - Darryl and I are taking off for the day to celebrate his birthday.  We'll eat out a few times which is always nice!

Sunday  - We are eating lunch with my parents and brother and his family after church.  We'll have dinner when we get home - either McDonald's on the way in or just some Mac and Cheese/Sandwiches.

Monday - Thursday: Last Wednesday I went to the grocery store and picked up some basics to get us through until, well, Monday.  Then, my goal is to use what we have and spend as little money on groceries as possible.  In fact, most of what I got on Wednesday were things like Laundry Soap, Kleenex, paper plates, etc.  We have meat in the freezer to use, canned goods on the shelves, rice, potatoes and even some noodles.  Not to mention frozen rolls.  Therefore, I'm not really planning at the moment.  I do know we'll have chicken and pork :-)

That's all!

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