Friday, February 14, 2014

Food Friday - Superbowl Snacks

So you may recall that I mentioned prior to the superbowl that I had to come up with some new snacks since Darryl can't seem to stomach dairy currently.  I thought I would just a couple of links to two of the items we tried.  It was kinda funny because as I was prepping the food I discovered that most of what I was making was . . .well, tomato based.  How weird is that?  I will say that I missed our cheese based dishes . . .the dips and spreads. . ..

I decided to try the Pioneer Woman's version of Bruschetta which is slightly different than the one I've tried in the past.  It was pretty good but, to be honest, I like my original one which I think I've shared before.  And yes, that is cheese on top of those little pieces of goodness - I love fresh mozzarella on top of bruschetta. 

Then, I tried a new meatball recipe that used Maple Syrup and Chili Sauce to make the sauce - this recipe comes from Taste of Home.  I used frozen meatballs because I was already doing a lot of prep cooking on Saturday but, as I say every time, I really don't like the frozen meatballs.  I need to make some homemade meatballs and put them in the freezer . . .. we'll see! 

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