Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? :-)  I'm working on more ideas I have gleened from that wonderful place of awesomeness but I wanted to share a follow up to THIS post where I listed some ideas I wanted to do for 2012. 

One of them was a Calendar Journal - this is what mine looks like:
I picked up this cute little box at the Target Dollar Spot and it is the perfect size for my Calendar Journal.  I've enjoyed writing down one thought from each day and think it will be fun to look back at this in years to come.  I still don't have monthly dividers but I'm looking for some pretty postcards or something . . ..

The second idea was a Gratitude Journal.  My original thought was that I would make my own but when I went back to the original site I discovered that the writer actually had some in her Etsy shop so . . . I cheated.

Isn't that cute?  I'm enjoying looking for one specific thing to be thankful for each day.  The book is really adorable but . .. I will admit I'm not sold on all of the items she used for pages just because there isn't a way to write on some of them BUT, she also makes more "request"style books where I think you can request what you want in the book - she was sold out of that style so I went with just the standard book. 

That's my challenge for this week :-)

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