Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Things My Kids Say

Joshua - His car play mat was in the dining room when he went to bed; I noticed later in the evening that it was "missing".  When he got up the next morning he informed me, "I had to get my car mat because I couldn't go to sleep without in my room".  I looked in his room and not only was it in there, it was spread out perfectly flat with the fan sitting in the middle of it.  He did a lot of work after he went to bed LOL 

Joshua - for the first time ever this past week he said, "Mom, I need something to do" which really means "Mom, I'm bored" HA!  Seriously?  Already?

Joshua - He hates it when I cut (ok, bite) his fingernails so the other day I went to grab his hand for something and he pulled it back and said "No, mom, don't bite my nicklenails" ;-)

Joshua - Any time he stubs a toe or bumps a shin he says "Mom, I have a whipty do".  I also noticed that anytime he bumped anything (his head, his hand . . whatever) He's said "Ow, I hurt my oboe"  I thought he was calling things "elbow" but then figured out he meant . .. Boo boo HA!

Joshua - One day, he put on his flip flops and came to me and said "Look Mom, I have on "little mom" shoes" (I ALWAYS wear flip flops)  Then we went outside, we went and got the pooper scooper and told me he would pick up dog poop because he had on his little mom shoes.  Trust me, I did not stop him ;-)

Nathan - He hasn't said  any doosey's lately but I so love hearing his little voice say things like "Mom, please help me" and then once I'm done, he says "Thank you Mom".  I also love that, even if I leave the house to just get the mail, when I walk back in he gets all excited because "Mom, your home!  I missed you!!" :-)

Joshua - One morning, he got up and went out to sit on the porch.  I heard him start talking then . . . "Mom, look, the sun is waking up too" and . . "Oh wow, the flowers are starting to wake up!!"  It was so neat to hear him notice the morning!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love how little ones think and talk!@!

Jackie Koll said...

They are fun, aren't they?

Emily Meyers said...

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Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!