Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekly Menu - It's the start of New Year!

Can you believe that a new year is starting in just a few days?  How crazy is that??  I figure that there is nothing like starting off a new year right with planning the menu, right? 

Saturday:  Today is New Years Eve!  We are having Frozen Pizza for lunch.  Then, for dinner we are having Meatball Subs and chips.  Then, after the kids go to bed Darryl and I will have our New Years Eve snacks :-)  On the menu is Warm Bacon Dip, Shrimp Cocktail, Fruit Dip and Fruit (I'll share this recipe soon!), Inside-out Carrot Cake Cupcakes, and Lime Sherbet Punch. 

Sunday:  New Years Day!!  We are planning on a simple brunch of Eggs, Bacon, Toast and Cinnamon Rolls; Then for dinner we are planning on Beef Drips, and Fries

Monday:  Hot Dogs and Fries

Tuesday: Homemade Hamburger Helper (Mac and Cheese with Ground Hamburger), Twice Baked Potatoes, and Corn

Wednesday: Crock-Pot Parmesan Chicken (a new recipe - we'll see how it goes!), Roasted Cabbage (another new recipe!), Garlic Bread

Thursday: BBQ Chicken, Savory Rice, Peas, Rolls

Friday: Pork Loin, Orzo, Green Beans, Rolls


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