Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning, we got up and packed up.  I had a goal of leaving by 9:00 . . .we were on the road by 9:30 which I will say was pretty good.  Trying to get 2 kids and 2 adults out the door by 9:00 is asking alot when you throw in packing and gathering food!! 

My poor parents.  Their sewer system backed up Saturday morning into the basement bathroom.  When we got to their house, Darryl headed to the basement to help my dad try to snake out the problem while the rest of us headed over to my brother's house for lunch.  The one thing on the plan for Saturday afternoon was taking family photos - due to the sewer issue (which did get resolved once the plumber showed up!) it pushed back from 2:00 until 4:00 but we still got them in!  Check out these great photos :-)
This is the whole clan - acting crazy which is what we do best HA! 

This is all of us for real :-) 

 My brother Ken and his family.
 My brother Kel and his family.
 My brother Jeff and his family.
 My brothers and I (and yes, they are all older!!).  They kept trying to do a serious picture but they are such goof balls that at least one of them would smile every time!
My parents with my brothers and I. 

 Josh with Nana

 After finishing up photos, we headed back to my parents house to watch the Lions game before the Christmas Eve Service. 
 After the service, we went back to my parents house for some snacks and fun.  My brother was a little tired - he's the pastor of the church and had to speak at the Christmas Eve Service.  :-)
 We had a contest for the snacks called "Who's the Biggest Dip".  Each family made their favorite dip (or dips) and my parents judged them all.  We were all STARVING and had to watch my parents snack away HA!
 And the biggest dip is . . .. my brother Kelly! HA!  The funny thing is the rest of us were working on our dips for like 30 minutes.  Kel walked in and threw his together in 5 minutes and still won!
 Here comes the judges!! 
 Micah trying to sway the judge :-)

 Breadon trying to get Grandma to make a decision!

It wasn't long after this that we divided and went to our "homes" (some of us at my parents and some at my brothers house).  Time to get ready for Christmas morning!!

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