Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot

Welcome to another week!  I've been looking at ideas since I posted the last "Too Cute not to Toot" mostly because so many of them I hope to use next year, or in years to come, and just dont' have time to print the ideas right now (too busy printing OTHER stuff!) so I want to be able to come back here after Christmas, print what I love, and put it in my December binder for next year!

If you have read my advent posts, you know that we are reading books as part of our daily activities so I am looking this year at book ideas for next year since some of our books will be too young for the boys next year.  I saw this post over at Home School Creations and really love that she created printables to go with a specific book.  I will be printing these and picking up the book!
The Monogrammed Ornaments from Confessions of a Homeschooler would make a great craft for kids but they are also a great, simple gift idea.  They could be used as gift tags on gifts for family or even given to neighbors with those trays of cookies!
A Pumpkin and a Princess shares a simple tutorial for making these fabric trees.  Just think of the endless ways you could make them to fit any decor you use in your home.
These fingerprint snowmen are adorable from I HEART Crafty Things and, to make it better, the craft idea goes along with a book they read.  Not that it wouldn't fit just about any book with snow in it but it gives another book idea too!
This was just an idea I saw out on a blog that I thought some of my Photographer friends might like.  It's how to take a Santa photo without Santa.  The idea comes from The Idea Room.
Lines Across My Face is doing quite a few Ornament Posts - this is my favorite so far.  These are fabric Lollipops and they would be fun for older kids to make and hang on the tree.
Over at Creations by Kara, you can snag some adorable Christmas gift tags by just hitting print :-)
This idea for a Name Of Jesus Tree is one that I found last year but have tucked away for future use with the boys.  I wanted to share this idea from KoJo Designs, though, because she shares a great tutorial on how to create the ornaments with your kids AND gives the list of names that they decided to use as well.
Ok, I love this idea from The Well Rounded Mama for a Santa Photo Booth.  I think this would make a great addition to a future birthday party for Nate (who was born on Dec 22nd!)
Sassy Sites is one of my favorite blogs - she shares tons of ideas and I wanted to link up with her recent posts that shares TONS of printables - so head to her blog and start downloading :-)
Here is another link up to Sassy Sites - this one is for TONS of sweets ideas!  I wish I had time to click on all of the links this moment - I will be going back and checking out all of the ideas later!
This is the last link back to Sassy Sites . .. well at least for today . . .but how could I NOT link back to 400 kids craft ideas????  I can't wait to start digging through the links and finding great ideas to use in future years!
This next idea came round about from searching Pinterest - I found an idea that linked me back to Secrets of a Super Mommy and then I found this  idea.  I love birthdays and look forward to future birthdays with my boys when I can do this birthday board with them!
Also from Secrets of a Super Mommy is this birthday pillowcase which goes with the board idea above.

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