Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

I've been looking through my boards, getting inspiration and deciding what else I want to make.  Well, that isn't true, I find lots that I want to make but I have to pick what I have the supplies for or that I can get supplies for easily.  Michael's and Hobby Lobby are  40 minutes away so making a "quick" trip to get any supplies doesn't happen.  I should also add that with Christmas and an upcoming birthday party, I haven't had time to focus on my little projects/challenge. 

I have not forgotten about my plan to start the quiet books either - but this was not the time of the year to start a big process like a quiet book.  My goal this month is to lay out some more pages and make a list of any needed supplies so that I can everything I need to get started in January.

So, what project did I put together this week?  I worked on this idea from Design Sponge for creating a Calendar.
I've tried starting journals but I don't always do great with that idea; I do try to journal within my Bible Study journal but I'm not always consistant with that either so when I saw this idea for a perpetual calendar, I really fell in love the idea.  I love that after several years, I will be able to see what I did on that same day in previously years.  Just one simple sentence on each day - a pretty easy task. 

This time of year, it is hard to find a fruit basket like shown in the picture so I went digging to find the perfect "holder".  I figure that throughout the year(s), if I find a pretty basket that works better, I can always change out the basket.  I went to the dollar store and picked up a pack of large index cards and then cut them in half.  Instead of postcards, I am going to pick out 12 photos from recent photo shoots and use those to separate the months; eventually I would like to get some postcards or other pretty scenic pictures only so that I don't have to replace photos every year :-)  I also am taking the easy way out and am writing the dates on the cards as I go through 2012.  So, this is my simple version of this great calender :-)   I will post a picture later, probably in another post, because I haven't ordered my photos - I'm waiting until I get the latest pictures from a recent photo shoot !!

I also wanted to share this idea from I love it All for another great journaling idea for 2012.
I'm tossing around ideas of how to make one of these little books to use throughout this next year too.  I don't know if mine will be nearly as elaborate as this book but I think to just incorporate the idea into a special journal - what a treasure for my kids to look at one day. 

One last idea that I like as well and I think I want to work on this coming year are Life Story Binders for each of the boys from All Things Simple.  I like what I see so far but also need to spend time looking at it more closely and decide if it is something that I can keep up with.
So yes, this week's challenge post is more some ideas that I'm looking at incorporating as 2012 starts - I'll have to share what I actually do and how the process works once January is under way!

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