Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . that my mom was able to stay the night on Tuesday night due to the weather :-) (that's for YOU mom!)  Actually, she came over on Tuesday so I could go scrapbooking - none of us realized that there was a winter storm watch out until she got here!  She was stranded here but it worked out since I had to take Nate to the doctor -she was able to stay home with Josh and the munchkin so I didn't have to take them all!

I'm loving . . . that I have internet back.  Enough Said.

I'm loving . . ..  that I did get to go scrapbooking on Tuesday for the whole day.  I got a lot done and enjoyed a day with friends, fellowship and good food!

I'm loving . . .that my kids love the Christmas decorations as much as I do - they keep pointing to things and saying "More Tissmas, More Tissmas"

I'm loving . ..  this song I heard today on the radio.  It's by a group called " Straight No Chasers" and I have no idea what any of their other music is like but their version (from 1998) of The 12 Days of Christmas is now one of my all time favorites so . . enjoy!

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Brittney said...

GREAT video! LOVED it!