Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . that pomegranates are back.  They are so yummy!

I'm loving . . . that the stomach virus I had was only the 24 hour kind and that the worst of it was done after 12.  At least I was able to sleep most of it during the night!

I'm loving . . . that my kids have learned to get Kleenex when their nose is running - they look so cute using one too LOL

I'm loving . . . that I'm hearing the word "snow" being tossed around.  Those first flakes are always so exciting!

I'm loving . . . . that the Duggars are having another baby (#20!)  I've watched their show and read one of their books and they are a fantastic family.  I know that many people judge them and think they are crazy but, have you seen their kids?  I only hope my kids turn out as great as theirs!

I'm loving . . .. THIS!!
That's my niece and she is getting married!  I was so excited to get this little card in the mail today!  Such a fun thing!!!

What are you loving today?

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