Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Banana's for you" Date Night Idea

Not long ago, I posted about the 120 Day Challange that I was working on completing.  As part of that challenge, I recently put together this date night for my Hubby! 

On the morning of, I put a cute little invitation in his Lunch Cooler so that he would find it once he started digging for his sandwich later in the day.  (To get your copy, click here - I tried to make it generic)

After the kids went to bed (they go down fairly early), our date started with making dinner together.  Since my theme (which you will understand why in just a few!) was "Banana's For you"  we made Banana Sour Cream Pancakes,  and Sausage Patties (Darryl ended up making eggs too because he was so hungry!).  Then, for dessert a little later we had good old Banana Splits!!!

Now, where did this inspiration come from??  For Christmas this past year, I picked up the game Bananagrams for Darryl's stocking and we have yet to play it! It was a hot item last year on lots of blogs!

It's a form of scrabble but without a board.  We had fun playing it and will play it again - it would be a great game to play with older elementary kids and above too.

Doesn't he look so serious?  He won.  :-) 

So yes, this was a successful date night - we had fun, got to eat hot food, and just hung out together! 

What dates have you done recently? 

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