Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weight Watchers Saturday

I really don't have an update this week :-)  I am missing the weekly meeting due to the Holiday weekend and lots of family plans

Just a few things though - I've learned something this time around.  If I don't plan my breakfast and lunch meals for the entire week, I struggle with my eating.  By plan, I mean plan completely, right down to the points when I pick out the recipes/ideas.  Even snacks I want during the day and in the evening.  Dinner isn't as hard especially when I keep it simple and don't make big pasta or casserole dishes.  For example, last week, I REALLY enjoyed eating Fruit Loops for breakfast (yep, nice healthy Fruit Loops BUT they have more Fiber in them now :-) ).  Than, about mid-morning, I had a tassimo coffee which held me over until lunch.  This week I grabbed a box of cheap frozen waffles - they were really high in points.  I didn't even plan my lunches so I did not eat well at all.  I'm going to work on being more specific with our menu.  I like to give the kids fruit every day with lunch (because they eat it and love it) so instead of justwriting down "fruit" on the grocery list I'm going to be very specific such as 3 cans of peaches (a favorite!), 6 bananas, 3 apples, etc.  I also want to have my own fruit so I'm going to list my own numbers.  I'd like to have 1 piece of different fruit each day. 

Also, remember my challenge last week to drink more water/crystal light.  After tracking it for 3 days, I discovered I drink more than the required amount every day so I'm doing better than I thought :-)

I don't have a recipe to share this week because . .. I didn't plan anything! 

Hopefully next week shows good results - we'll see!

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Tara G said...

I have your blogged bookmarked for a recipe, but your weight watcher blog caught my eye. I am a member of ww and I am struggling going to meetings on Saturday also. So I signed my kiddos up for a bowling league that I have to pass the ww meeting to get to. So I will be getting back on track. I was very inspired by you and so far I have tracked everything for the past two days. I just subscribed to follow you, so I will be watching for your ww success.