Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Menu - Week of September 3rd

Welcome to another week of my Weekly Menu!  Last week provided me with several great recipes.  I did run into one problem when I went shopping. . .the story was out of fresh parsley.  Seriously???  That threw off about 4 recipes but I made due :-) 

We are spending the weekend with my oldest brother and his family so that means I have less meals to plan and, because we are traveling, we are using are grocery budget for the next week for gas :-)  That's ok, I can usually do a week a month on a super tight budget buy using up things in the house.  It is amazing how things pile up after awhile due to recipes not made one week or just stocking up on sales periodically. 

So, this is the plan for this coming week - nothing very exciting :-)

Saturday:  With my Brother's Family

Sunday: With my Brother's Family

Monday: (Labor Day) Steaks, Sweet Potatoes and Salad

Tuesday: Spaghetti, Garlic bread and Green Beans

Wednesday: Pancakes and Sausage with Fruit

Thursday: Beef Tips and Noodles

Friday: Mini Sausage Quiches and Lemon Blueberry Poppyseed Bread

We'll be eating a lot of sandwiches for lunch this week too :-)


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