Friday, August 12, 2011

Show us Your Life - Wedding Shower Ideas

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with weekly posts now that summer is on the down hill slide to fall so one good place to start is back with Kellys Korner and her "Show us Your Life" series.  If you haven't checked out Kelly's blog, you really should.  I don't even remember how I found it oringally but I just really enjoy reading her posts as well as these show us your life posts by so many people. 

It has been 10 years since my own wedding showers.  They were fun and adorable!  My sister-in-laws threw me a Brunch Shower for my personal shower and I loved it.  I've been to all kinds - simple, HUGE, at resturants, bachleratte style - but the ones I love the most are just the simple, well-thought out showers that show someone cares :-) 

Since I really don't have any pictures of my own to share I got my "pin" on and went searching for ideas out on Pinterest to find ideas I would either use if I was planning a shower or would love to have for my own . .well, except I'm not having one since I already had them HA!

First up is actually a great centerpiece/gift idea.  You can see this great towel cake over at Klien Korner .  Wouldn't that look great on a table - like a dessert table or even on the gift table?  Plus it is something original, which I always enjoy!

Apparently shower gift ideas are catching my eye ;-)  This was actually done as a Mother's Day gift idea but it would also make a great bridal shower gift.  This idea comes from Aly & Ash and a step by step tutorial is given on how to creat this idea. 

Unlike some folks, I 100% love playing games at showers.  I mean, what is a shower without a few fun and possibly even, corny games?  Made Sweet came up with a cute idea.  It includes a list of things the bride and groom have said; the guests have to decide who would have said that item.  It is a great way to inspire some conversation too!
Here's another really creative game idea from Craftaholics anonymous.  This is another question/answer game but she includes some really cute printables for the guests to use :-)
Beau-coup gives a whole list of game ideas for bridal showers - many of which I think are great :-)  Check out the post for the full list :-)
This next idea is actually a cute way to do a quest book but it would also make a really great game at a shower.  It is a way to do "dirty laundry" a cute way. Savvy Scoop gives the basics on her post but my take on it is that you have the guests write down some fun memory that they have with the bride or you could also do advice to the bride.  Such a cute idea though !

Twig and Thistle shares some cute ideas for a shower including doing regular bingo with homemade cards and she also talked about making a video of an interview with the groom - he was asked questions and his soon-to-be bride had to guess his answers.  That would bring some laughs!

As I was doing this, I was trying to think of some other ideas I've seen done at wedding showers and I realized, it's been awhile since I've been to one!! What fun ideas have you seen at showers??

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