Monday, August 1, 2011

Media Challenge - Week 4 - Media and Homemaking

 It's week 4 in our media challenge!  Last week - there were actually two parts to the section on our children and media.  I did not end up posting a Part 2 to my Part 1 because he had to do more specifically with dealing with older children who are accessing media; mine are not so I didn't have a lot to say!  You can read more at Women Living Well.  You can also check out my previous posts  HERE.

This weeks topic is Media and homemaking.  Courtney really does this one well so I won't spend a lot of time talking about what our grandmothers used to do - you can read that HERE.  I can't say that I ever heard about either of my grandma's killing a chicken but I know that they gardened, cleaned and didn't have running water for a long time!  Things have changed, that is for sure.  I'm thankful for our local grocery store even when I get frustrated that the selection isn't great compared to other areas.  Sure, I'd love a great bread store to get fancy bread and bagels but, that's ok too! 

There are certain things about homemaking I have already enjoyed and some things I haven't.  Growing up, I always said I wanted a chef and a butler . . .well, that didn't happen HA!  Now, I don't mind cooking so much and enjoy making and trying new things.  I have conquered some homemade things like Pizza, Cakes, Cookies, and various fantastic dinners.  I'm on the search for the perfect homemade taco seasoning, cheesecake, and . .well, I'm sure there are more!  Now, cleaning is not my forte.  For years we talked about getting someone to clean the house but now that I stay home, that is not a top priority.  So, I'm learning how to clean in a way that I "enjoy" it.  I'm thankful that I don't have to run clothes through a ringer or sweep a dirt floor!!  I do wish sometimes that I could empty my entire house on the front lawn, clean the entire inside from top to bottom, and than only put a few things back . .. just like they did when they didn't own anything HA!  I digress though . . .

How does media impact my Homemaking?  I think there are pros and cons.

1) Cooking - I love finding recipes on-line to try - it is great to be able to read others ideas and recommendations.  Another thing I love is finding videos of how to do something. 
2) Cleaning - It is so great to look up ideas of how to fix, clean, and do things better.  So often I can search "how to . . " and find the answer

I'm sure there are more pros :-) But how does it impact me in the other direction?

1) I'm guilty of not taking time out to discipline my kids as needed (they are perfect of course!) because I want to finish something online - whether it be an e-mail or reading a blog post.

2) I'm guilty of forgetting about laundry in the washer/dryer because I'm too busy looking up recipes or cleaning ideas.

3) I'm guilty of not getting outside with my kids because I feel the pull of needing to get something done.

Yes, media is a time wasting without a doubt.  As I've done this challenge the last few weeks I have really worked to limit my media time during the day and have noticed a change in all of us.  Yes, there are things I have to get done, but I am trying to do those things early in the morning before the kids or up or in the evening after everyone else is in bed. 

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

It's funny because my pros and cons are the same as yours. I have gone so far as to not have cable because I found myself watching too much Food Network and HGTV and not getting things done. It's crazy how difficult it is to stay focused on the important things now of days with all the media. Thanks for posting this. I needed to read this as a reminder to myself.