Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Reading

Welcome to another week of "What I'm Reading".  I'll start out with the books that I finished reading this week.

 The three books by Cindy Woodsmall is a Trilogy based on the life of Hannah Lapp.  She faces the "unspeakable" and through a series of terrible misjudgements of her and by her, she faces difficult choices.  I love how the author develops her character throughout each book yet keeps her grounded in her beliefs.  I truly enjoyed reading each one of these books and would recommend them to anyone.  They are based on the Amish culture (which I love reading about) but don't follow the typical style of many of those stories. 
This was a really quick, but good read.  It is the basic story of love lost, love found that shows how true love can outlast and heal so much.  The funny thing about this book is that I had recently been thinking about the story and could not remember the name of the book.  I just happened to grab this one to read and  . . .it was the exact book I had been thinking about!

Well, I still love Liz Curtis Higgs but . . .well . . I gave up on this book.  My disclaimer is that it is not a "bad" book but it was not a book I could just sit down and read.  The basic way it is set up is that within a chapter, Liz gives a verse that relates to the chapter topic, a short explanation, a snippet from a letter from a reader who struggles with the issue and a short "you can do it" thought . .. . over and over and over again.  It would be a book to use for counseling or just for encouragement - not so much for a "sit down and read me" book. 

Now for what I'm reading:
 I just started this book on Monday and I am hooked.  I really look forward to sharing the author's 120 day concept as I get further into the book.  I sense a challenge coming on - a personal challenge but I will also challenge you as well!!

This is my "fun" book - I'm just picking this one up and it is a re-read but I don't remember anything about it at this point. 

And of course, my two books that I'll be picking up this fall ;-) when I get back into my devotions full swing!:

I promise I'll get back to both of these - I was really enjoying them both a lot!!!

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